C.G. Schübel Gallery

Artist Christine Schübel

“The unique work of art of Christine Schübel (C.G.SCHÜBEL) take the viewer off into an awe-inspiring and incomparable world and present animal in a completely new dimension and artistic expressiveness.“

Christine SCHÜBEL: The Artist speaks about her Artworks

I wanted to illustrate animals in their beauty and grace and I had an inspiration which said to me:
do it – show animals in a way like never done before!
I did it – inspired and guided by a driving force.
Something unique has been created – a new way of art.

  • My art is a homage to the wonderful nature and also one to our hearts and emotions
  • My animal portraits catch the magic of a moment and preserve the beauty of the animal forever
  • The animal becomes a performer in a poetic story
  • Unique moments are captured, which can never be repeated

Comments of my customers
“… we never saw pictures like this …“
“… the artworks touch our hearts …“
“… we cannot get enough looking at the pictures …“
“…the pictures let grow flowers in the soul …“

C.G.SCHÜBEL: The New Way of Art

There are not only unique animal portaits which Christine SCHÜBEL is creating, but also a new form of art; “paintshooting“ as she calls it. Developed and perfected by the artist herself. This new style of art is a very complex and elaborate performance of animals in motion in front of huge paintings (up to 80 sqm), documented by taking pictures with spectacular “live-shootings“. The work covers several months. Huge paintings are created by C.G.SCHUBEL for each single animal. She paints individual pictures catching the aura and character of each animal, which shall be potrayed. This creative process is necessary and very important to get a perfect fusion between animal and painting later on.
The artworks by C.G.SCHÜBEL require not only patience and a special feeling for animals, but also an intuitive, extraordinary artistic sense for colour and painting technique together with a high level of expertise and skill. A finished portrait will have passed through several time-consuming and intricate processes. For these works C.G.SCHÜBEL is supported by her team under the technical direction of T. Weilbuchner.

C.G.SCHÜBEL: Art in Its Most Exclusive and Individual Form

Christine SCHÜBEL creates exclusive animal portraits for special requirements. “We already got – besides horses and falcons – enquiries for bears, camels and even for fish portraits“. C.G.SCHÜBEL and her team like all challenges. All kinds of individual sizes of paintings are possible. The animal portraits have inspired customers all over the world. C.G.SCHÜBEL’s team is in contact with architects, interior designers, fashion designers, manufacturers of yachts, aeroplanes, luxury cars and luxury hotels. C.G.SCHÜBEL creates works of art on a large scale never seen before!
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Christine SCHÜBEL: Short Biography

The artist was born in Bavaria, Germany. Her love of paintings (especially of “old Masters“), graphics and illustration led her to take up an artistic career. She did many exhibitions and has illustrated many books. She was a member of the Association of Visual Artists. After completing her studies in design, she set up her own advertising agency, which has now been working successfully for 30 years on behalf of clients domestically and abroad. Art, painting and the animal world have always been a very important part of her life. Today, C.G.SCHÜBEL lives in Munich.